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One Room Challenge - Week 4 Master Bedroom - The Shiplap is Up!!

I feel such a sense of relief and accomplishment after last week's slow progress with this challenge! The whole room is painted (walls, trim, doors) and the shiplap was installed and painted.

It's hard to tell from these pics, but it is a really beautiful shade of navy blue (Sherwin Williams - In the Navy).



Goodbye 1990's country heart stencil, and hello to this beautiful blue shade with a hint of gray (Sherwin Williams - Mountain Air).

The shiplap was relatively easy to install. We purchased these primed nickel gap boards from Home Depot. The trick is to make sure the first piece is level, and then just simply use Liquid Nails and press on to wall. Finish by using a pneumatic nail gun to nail boards into the studs.

So our next big project is going to be getting the carpet installed. I'm crossing my fingers that we can get it done by the reveal date in two weeks. We went to Home Depot and immediately were drawn to this beautiful textured carpet. It is a tone on tone cream color with a raised pattern of interlocking circles.

Next week will be devoted to refinishing the dresser, locating night stands, and sewing the curtains and pillows. Lots still to do!!

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