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A Little Bit About Me

So I thought that my very first blog post should give you some background info about me. I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania and I'm married with two grown daughters. I also have a very cute (but often times very naughty) Yorkie named Noah. And my 87-year old dad lives with us, which makes things interesting to say the least!

(Family pic at Corolla, NC - our summer vacation spot for 20+ years)

(Dad and "his" dog, Noah)

I was formerly a Realtor for 18 years. Even though I was in my early 30's when I started in real estate, I remember thinking "I'm so young, no one will want to work with me". I didn't think anyone would entrust me with the biggest purchase of their lives.

(My very first Realtor pic. This is what my kids call a "soft smile". I called it "trying to look professional" - haha!)

Although the majority of my career in real estate was as a Realtor, I also worked a few years in the administrative and mortgage end of the business. When I put my license in escrow a few years ago, I decided to pursue another aspect of real estate -- home staging. So now here I was, a middle-aged woman starting her own business thinking "I hope I'm not too old for this -- will anyone want to work with me". Fortunately, they did!

I love what I am doing now -- still helping people sell their homes, just in a very different way. I get to be creative and put my passion for home decorating to use. And my husband loves that I am making money doing this and not spending all our money on our home anymore!

(My most recent vacant staging project)

In my spare time, one of my favorite hobbies is searching for great deals on furniture on Craig's List or in thrift stores and refinishing them to use in my business. My dad has a running joke when he sees me painting. "Hey Michaelangelo, the Pope called. He needs you to paint the Sistene Chapel". And I respond, "Tell him I'm busy". Oh the joys of living with an 87-year old. You get to hear the same jokes over and over!

(This old roll-top desk was given to me by a co-worker of my husband. Sometimes I get lucky and score freebies!)

So enough about me! I hope to share with you updates on my staging and decorating projects, some furniture refinishing, tips for making your house a home you love, and any other old thing that comes to mind.

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